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Welcome to Abja Power Private Limited.

Abja Power Private Limited. (APPL) is a member of the My Home Group, a well known business conglomerate in Andhra Pradesh, India having interests in cement, construction, power and technical services with an impressive track record. The company has been set up to offer total engineering and project management back-up for small and medium power projects as an extension of the Group's core capabilities and expertise.

Power is a key contributor to the economic development of a country. Power plays a major role in the growth of an economy and shortage of power supply hits the revenue of industries leading to a reduction of GDP. India, being a rapidly expanding growth vehicle, is always deprived of power to large customers on one hand and on the other hand captive power capacities are under-utilized. Hence the power crisis needs attention.

The Electricity Act 2003, mandated development of power markets by appropriate commissions through enabling regulations. This paved the way for the new trends to emerge like open access. Open access is a new platform for corporates integrating their power shortages by substituting a bi-lateral/ exchange based model of power trading which is cost-saving, consistent and reliable.

Abja Power Private Limited incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 aims to be a market leader in the energy market and has been in the business of power purchase, sell and advisory services to clients in the Indian power market. Abja Power Private Limited. offers end-to-end Power Trading Solutions through Indian Energy Exchange (Platform based) and Bilateral Trading (Over the Counter).

Exchange Based Trading

The Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) is an automated electronic trading exchange regulated by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) and Abja Power Private Limited. is a trader member and will facilitate buy and sell of power for the clients registered on IEX.

Bilateral Trading
Bilateral Power trading inherently means a transaction where the price of power is negotiable and options exist about whom to trade with and for what quantum. Reliable and uninterrupted flow of power round the clock offers flexibility in terms of quantity and extension of the agreement. The bilateral trading model involves generators and buyers (suppliers or large customers) entering into bilateral contracts for the sale of electricity as per the guide lines laid down by Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC).
Abja Power Private Limited., equipped with an Inter-State power trading licence specializes in facilitating open access power through Bilateral Trading mode. We promote the following categories of bilateral power trading

    •  Short-term
    • Medium-term
    • Long-term

Prerequisites for trading power

  • Consumer  Demand should be at least 100kVAh
  • Connected to at least 11kV line
  • Should have 0.2s Class CT/0.2 Class PT and 0.2S Class ABT Meter
  • NOC from Discom /SLDC to trade power 
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